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Aviya enters the online mattress marketplace

How to grow a new online brand and become profitable in less than a year
Sales Growth from Aug 2016 - Feb 2017
*Over 6 figures in monthly revenue
Conversion Rate Increase
Website Traffic Increase

Launched in January 2016, Aviya Mattress offers a high quality mattress only available online. The goal of the project was to educate and inform customers and entice them to make their next mattress purchase online. Highlighting product benefits and creating a trustworthy brand identity was a must. The custom design, branding and shopping experience allows for customers to go from interest to purchase easily.

Conversion focused on all devices

Whether the potential customer would be searching for a mattress on their smartphone during a lunch break or while laying in an old, uncomfortable bed from their tablet, we designed the website to be optimized for every imaginable device. Our responsive design determines the dimensions of the display accessing the website and intelligently delivers the best user experience for each user, regardless of what device they're using.


Search marketing & affiliate marketing

Through a combination of organic search marketing, paid search marketing and affiliate campaigns, we've been able to increase Aviya's traffic by over 300% in less than 4 months. The 300% increase in traffic resulted in over 400% increase in online sales revenue.

Customized shipping & checkout

Making the Aviya checkout process was a top priority in the website redesign. With 3 simple shipping options, it was important to display these prominently and in an easy-to-select way.

"Having complete scalability over the checkout process was very important to us. We don't handle shipping like every other online store and needed to be able to easy display and calculate our three shipping options."

Remarketing ads to turn visitors into customers

Due to the nature of a mattress purchase, developing remarketing ads and marketing back to customers was extremely important. Based upon analytics and data we noticed many customers would research mattresses companies and come back for purchase at a later date. Staying in front of these potential customers and letting them know about new sales and promotions significantly increased ROI on initial paid search spend and drove a higher conversion rate.

Email marketing to keep potential customers engaged

We worked with Aviya to come up with promotions that would excite shoppers and also give customers a great mattress at an even better price. Developing the promotion ideas was step one, but engaging customers in the promotions and capturing potential customer email addresses was a huge part of the promotions success. Utilizing email marketing program we provide customers discount codes for promotions after they enter their email address. This is done via email sign up pop-ups on the website and also a promotions landing page. After a customer enters their email address and receives their discount code we market back to them with future promotions and product benefits to keep them engaged. Over 50% of all aviya purchases now come through the email marketing and promotions campaign.

Utilizing promotion in-cart add ons

Using Onveos Enterprise as the eCommerce platform we were able to utilizing certain features such as "free gifts" that can automatically be added to the cart. Free gift rules can be set in the admin, such as purchase one mattress get a $25 amazon gift card. The user interface makes it easy for a customer to see their gift in their cart and realize they are eligible for the promotion. Integrating free gifts has significantly increased Aviya's conversion rate.

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