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Affiliate Links, Affiliate Marketing, and SEO Let's Go!

A Little Background on Affiliate Links

First, let’s take a look back. Affiliate links – links from other sites to yours within an advertising network – did not typically help natural search rankings. 

Typical affiliate links would go straight to a link network (example: and get redirected to your site. Because of the tracking parameters within the URL string, as well as the fact that the incoming visit was based from a redirect, affiliate programs did nada in helping out merchants in organic search efforts.

What Does This Have to Do With SEO?

Well, for starters, your affiliate campaign is going to assist in link building. A website can dramatically improve the speed at which a link campaign is being conducted by using Link Connector. Link Connector has signed some high-profile companies such as American Greetings, Gunther and Wordtracker. Their publisher network is likely far behind CJ and LinkShare, but their technology makes it worthwhile to engage.

Your Next Step

If you’re considering an affiliate program for your marketing efforts, consider Link Connector or marketing with Google. They provide an excellent opportunity to boost your link-building efforts and supplement your traditional efforts. Speaking of boosting your SEO – be sure to get a FREE expert audit of your website from Trinity today!


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