Understanding Pay Per Click Search Marketing

Author Justin Smith
by Justin Smith, CEO
Updated Aug. 8, 2017

Of course the easiest way to be at the top of the search engines is to pay, and this is where Pay Per Click advertising comes into play. Paying websites will ALWAYS be above non-paying sites, but receiving organic rankings (rankings without paying), are just as beneficial as well and often offer more visits per dollar spent. If pay-per-click is an advertising campaign you're interested in running, we do offer PPC management services to optimize your campaign and are an AdWord certified company.

The Basics of Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

  • You run ads on Google, or another search network, and only pay when someone clicks an ad to visit your website
  • The amount you pay is typically on a bidding model, meaning the more you're willing to pay, the more visibility your ads will get
  • You only pay for your ads when your ad is clicked
  • You do not pay for impressions (meaning someone saw your ad)
  • You can set daily and monthly budgets for your campaigns to keep them within your marketing budget
  • Running paid search campaigns is complicated and very intricate. Do you attempt unless you're experienced.
  • Google AdWords is the world most popular pay-per-click advertising source

The Pros and Cons of a Paid Search Campaign

One of the biggest advantages to running a paid search campaign is the ability to get traffic to your site almost instantly. If you have a new website, or a website that doesn't rank high in Google organically, chances are you're not getting much traffic to your website. A paid search campaign can change that overnight, but does come with a cost. The disadvantages of the paid campaign is you will always have to pay for your traffic. Typically the cost per click continues to go up and up as more people bid on the keyword and it becomes more popular. Of course, if you're spending one dollar and making three, the campaign makes sense. A paid search campaign is all about proving a positive ROI.

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